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Ahoj, I'm nůsek

Napsal: středa 16. 1. 2019, 23:36:57
od -nůsek-
Ahoj guys,

my name is nůsek. I'm in my mid twenties and from Germany. I don't really speak Czech, apart from a few words and phrases, so I'll have to stick to English for now. But I hope to improve my Czech, so I'll maybe able to write in Czech here at some point in the future.

I ignored my feelings for boys for my entire teenage-years, because I was afraid. Ignoring my feelings wasn't hard, because I had basically no children around me, except of that one boy I always saw on the school bus. I had a huge crush on him, but said to myself, I just think, he's cute. Just normal feelings. ;)

Later, when I started to work at a place with many children, there was no denying anymore and so I confessed my feelings to myself. At first I was afraid and ashamed, but later I learned to accept and even love my feelings for how great they feel and for all the positive things, I could do with them.

I went to therapy in Germany, in order to get myself to accept my feelings and today I'm still working at my job around children and it is helping me a lot everyday. Helping and protecting children gives me purpose and meaning. Probably the best decision of my life to get that job. :)

Apart from that, some friends of mine have kids now and I see them occasionally, but I'm not really around children much privately, although I would change that, if I could. Sadly, there are just not many opportunities as an adult without children to be around kids. Little guys just like to be around other little guys most of the time, which I find perfectly understandable. ;)

Not much else to say for now. If I feel the need to add something, I've forgotten now, I'll do so.

Until then, best regards,


Re: Ahoj, I'm nůsek

Napsal: čtvrtek 17. 1. 2019, 19:51:57
od Filip
Hi nůsek, welcome on board. :)

Re: Ahoj, I'm nůsek

Napsal: pátek 18. 1. 2019, 8:21:19
od Myš
Hallo nůsek,

I'm glad to see you here, multi-cultural exchange is something I enjoy.

I'm getting into mid-twenties soon as well and I have lived and worked (with children as well) in Germany for some time, but my German is far from perfect. I still work with children, but moved back to Czech at one point.

I want to use a chance of having a German guy here to ask you about the therapy you went to. Was it somehow connected to the Dunkelfeld project?


Re: Ahoj, I'm nůsek

Napsal: pondělí 21. 1. 2019, 20:52:03
od -nůsek-
Ahoj Filip, Ahoj Myš,

Mockrát děkuji! :)

@Myš Yes, I attended therapy at Kein-Täter-werden, which is called the Dunkelfeld project in the rest of the world, if I'm not mistaken. Finding a therapist outside Dunkelfeld is still a bit problematic in Germany. Some therapists refuse working with pedophiles, others react with hysteria, as soon as the term "pedophile" is brought to the table. But at Dunkelfeld I've never experienced these problems. But of course I can't speak for all therapists at all the different locations.

If you have any question regarding Dunkelfeld, just ask. :)

Re: Ahoj, I'm nůsek

Napsal: sobota 26. 1. 2019, 0:27:47
od Little Hero
Hallo nůsek, welcome here. I'm usually not having much time so I don't think I'm gonna meet you here often but I'm working on better circumstances. How did you come to your nickname? :)