Books or Movies about pedophilia!

Section of the forum for English discussion about pedophilia.
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Books or Movies about pedophilia!

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Hello all,

It's been some months since I visited or wrote on CEPEK. Unfortunately language barrier it's a big problem and the English Section is the only place where I can read or write new posts or topics.

Anyways I wanted to open a new topic. I don't know if a topic like this already exists here.
I just want to know if some of you know any good books or movies about pedophilia!

These are the ones I know so far:

Lolita (Vladimir Nabokov): currently reading it, not seen the movie.
Death in Venice (Thomas Mann): just seen the movie.
The Hunt (2012): seen the movie.
The Boys of St. Vincent: not seen.

Nice being here again!

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Re: Books or Movies about pedophilia!

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First of all. Some movies and books are about love and some about sexual abuse. I saw Hunt and I have read Death in Venice. Other movies realted with pedophilia, hebephilia and ephebophiliaI saw are: Daniels World, Mysterious skin, Das Sommerhause, Guter Junge, Finding Neverland, a Special Friendship and For a lost soldier. :)